Hypnotherapy &
Depth Hypnosis

In our modern world we lead very busy lives and our minds have become trained to cycle in patterns of worry, fear and anxiety. We get wrapped up in our thoughts and ideas, distracted by media, that it can be hard for us to tune in to our own inner wisdom.

Hypnotherapy can help you get out from under the spell of your busy monkey mind, and return to a place of deep stillness inside. Here you can reconnect to your wise mind and clear intuition, which helps you through all that life throws your way.

Some of the goals you can achieve in  hypnotherapy  are:

  • A calm and peaceful mind
  • Reduction in physical and emotional pain
  • A more harmonious relationship with yourself and with others
  • Better understanding of your life path and purpose.

Depth Hypnosis is a spiritual counseling model, which combines elements of transpersonal psychology, Buddhist psychology, and shamanic practices to allow you to access and activate your own inherent healing capacities.

I am a Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and an active member of the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners. Depth Hypnosis is a methodology developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

I offer both in person and virtual sessions, via phone or online video.
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