The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 18:
Yoga, Dharma & Social Justice
with Jacoby Ballard

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Jacoby Ballard is a yoga and Buddhism teacher with over 20 years of experience, working at the intersection of social justice, trauma and embodied practice. He has taught in prisons, schools, hospitals, recovery centers, offices, co-led a yoga teacher training, and co-founded a worker-owned cooperative healing justice center in Brooklyn. His first book is released November 23, A Queer Dharma: Yoga and Meditations for Liberation.

Episode Highlights

  • Jacoby shares how he stumbled into yoga and meditation by chance while in school.
  • We learn how those practices have supported him as a queer person and an activist.
  • He talks about his new book, A Queer Dharma: Buddhist-Informed Meditations, Yoga Sequences, and Tools for Liberation, and the importance of understanding the history of cultural appropriation and capitalism in the yoga industry.
  • We discuss the importance of creating a safe, queer-centered space to practice and form community.

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