Just Three Words

I took a mini course on self development recently and during the course one of the assignments was  to ask a few friends to describe you in just three words.  I asked five friends and amazingly didn’t get a repeat of any of the words, but am still waiting for the answer from the fifth.

Words to Live By

The list looked like this;

– determinedoak-456524_640

– fighter

– survivor

– tenacious

– unconventional

– independent

– brave

– adventurous

– disorganized

– determined

– sincere

– earnest

– disciplined

It was interesting looking at this list of words.  I am thrilled that my friends believe that I possess all of these qualities.  I wish I didn’t own the disorganized, but unfortunately I do own up to that and it’s on my re-do list for 2015.  I wonder if the other words would have been the same had the question been asked just 2 years ago.

Living Up to It

I have posted the list of words in my office so that I can refer to them regularly.  So often we don’t see the qualities in ourselves that others do.  I know that these words aren’t just adjectives, but that they have been earned and lived and that they are my guideposts to forging the kind of life that I want to live from this day forward.  I am thrilled that my friends see me as brave because sometimes I sure don’t feel it.  Although  I don’t feel so brave sometimes;  I am determined and a fighter and tenacious.  These characteristics help balance out the fear factor.

The Unknown

Going into this I had no idea how I was going to handle it.  The fear of the unknown visited me daily.  Initially I had visions of hiding out and obliterating the pain with medication prescription or otherwise.  That didn’t happen.  Life doesn’t stop, especially for mothers, just because you get sick.  The world still keeps going and the responsibilities don’t go on hold till things look better.  I didn’t have a choice but to carry on.  My focus became targeted and thankfully I used my independent thinking to forge a healing plan for my health.

In Your Own Words

The stark reality is that if you are waiting for someone to come and rescue you, you might be waiting a long time.  Everyone has different levels of support available to them.  It’s important for anyone on a healing journey to find their own descriptive words of themselves and then incorporate those words and meanings into their  life.  Those three words aren’t just words, they are a statement of living.  Without those qualities in my personality I never would have arrived here today at this state of peace and being with myself.  Find your words.  Ask your friends what they think they are, then start to live them or re-do them, whatever works.  Because after all, they just aren’t words they are characteristics, and you are the center character of your life.