Clutter free living

I recently returned from a trip down south where I fortunately got a whole two days to spend walking on a gorgeous uncluttered beach.  The sound of the water and the feel of the air on my skin touched me in a way that goes beyond words.  I thought while I was walking, “What really is necessary to live”.  “Why is my life filled with clutter”.


I have two kids.  That was a choice.  I have clutter, that I suppose is a choice. Perhaps it seems the two go hand in hand.  Although, my office is cluttered as well and I can’t blame that on my kids.  Ultimately with everything  I either throw or give something away or I keep it.  I have one of those rancher style houses that doesn’t have many hidden places to hide clutter, rather it’s all just kinda out there.  So there is ultimately a choice, get rid of it or keep it, and sometimes that feels just to black and white to me.  Life is grey after all, but so is the color of the dust bunnies!

Doing the Cleanse

I read something this week that said that if you aren’t open up to receiving then you won’t receive and you will block this incredible force in the Universe.  I’ve also heard that by giving and freeing up your space that you are allowing more in.  It is with this motivation that I gathered up five bags so far and one box of toys and clothes from my daughter’s room and hauled it off to the Salvation Army.  I know once it’s gone, we really won’t miss it.  I wonder sometimes why it takes so long to get the purging done, but I do realize that it is not in the same category as cleaning.  First you purge, then you clean.  By the end of next week and the end of Spring Break I hope to bathe the house in sage to clean out the old vibes.

Balance the cleanse

After hauling five bags out of the room I collapsed on the floor for a short savasana.  Purging is exhausting.  Perhaps that’s why it hasn’t been done in the last year and a half, I haven’t had  the energy or stamina to do it.  I tried to have the au pair do it last year, but I see now that obviously she didn’t want to do it either.  My partner’s father was a complete pack rat. He kept everything.  The first time I visited the farm I spotted a bike from Steve’s sister when she was six.  She’s now forty something.  Yes, it is better to move things out and let someone else use them while they are still usable rather than have things go to waste.  It’s not easy explaining that to an eight year old but it is important to learn early that nothing stays the same, change is constant and recycling the old and bringing in the new is a good thing.  Now I just wish I could have someone else finish off the rest of the job, but that is wishful thinking.  Instead I will leave the mess where it is today and start anew tomorrow with the attitude of taking out the old to bring in the new.  I’m ready.chaos-227971_1280chaos-227971_1280