woman-413124_1280Posing Naked or Not

I was standing in line at the post office the other day when I ran into an artist acquaintance of mine.  I started chatting to her about yoga and stuff since I hadn’t seen her for quite a while. She admitted that she hadn’t been doing any yoga, and then quickly changed the subject to art.  I don’t know why but everyone always feels guilty when they tell the yoga teacher they haven’t been practicing.

She immediately asked me if I had ever thought of posing naked for art classes.  She had a class running in the new year and they could use a nude model.  I replied “Do you want one without boobs?”  She just chuckled, until she knew I was serious.  Then her expression changed.  It always does.  I think I’m used to it by now.  Some days the reaction is easy to take and other days  it isn’t.

We chatted some more before she had to run off, meanwhile I was still in line.  She didn’t mention the art classes again before leaving so I am quite sure they wouldn’t want a woman without breasts for their art work.  That’s OK, don’t know if I could really do it comfortably. It did bring up a subject that is on my mind a lot lately though.  What about reconstruction?

I saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago about the reconstruction surgery.  It’s actually two operations in total over a period of three months.  It means going after surgery every week to get the expanders filled till they are at the size preferred. The number of visits  depends how much pain tolerance you have, and what size you want them.

She won’t operate till September 2015 anyway, so lots of time to think.  More time to ponder and look at other woman’s boobs.  Yes, I do.  Never did before I got my own cut off.