We are living in a sleep deprived world.  When I was growing up the TV would go to the strips of color by 2 am or shortly thereafter, a sign it was time to go to bed.  Nowadays with 470 channels and wifi and internet connections we are turned “on” all the time. When we sleep our bodies metabolize stress hormones and allow our immune systems to do their job. It’s our first defense in self healing, and of utmost importance.  I personally have a very hard time forcing myself to get to bed before 11:00 pm and then when I do sleep doesn’t come easily but it is a habit like anything else.


I start my morning in bed with a positive meditation and end my day the same way.  I have found that meditating is becoming easier the more that I practice.  It seems a strange thing for most people to have to practice to turn the mind off, but that is what it takes, practice. Going from thirty seconds of no monkey mind to three minutes is phenomenal in what it can do for your health, but takes a while to get there.  Be patient with yourself and practice non-doing.


I started doing affirmations after reading Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  It started slowly and seemed a little silly at first, since I didn’t really believe what I was saying.  Gradually the affirmations became easier to say and believe and they started taking on a life of their own, I started making ones up as I was going through my day.  I think that they are essential.  After all we can’t wait for someone else to notice how great we are, we have to notice first and affirm it to ourselves.


I think if exercise was a pill it would be a lot easier for most of us to take it everyday.  The fact is it takes effort to get out and do it but the rewards are much more than just physical. Exercise releases the feel good hormones.


Just breathe. Nothing could seem easier or more natural to do.  Shallow breathing is what most of us do day in and out.  Deep breathing in through the nostrils activates our parasympathetic system and can lower our blood pressure and heart rate while oxygenating our cells. A simple three breath break throughout the day can help center your energies and boost vitality.

Mirror Work

I had a real issue with this in the beginning, but I followed Louise Hay’s advice and tried to say “I love you” to myself several times a day.  At first it felt ridiculous and uncomfortable but it did get easier.  I didn’t understand the importance of it at first, but now realize that everything that I was trying to do with my healing journey meant nothing if I didn’t have self-love.

Vitamin D and Iodine

I have been taking vitamin D supplements and iodine since I learned that every single person diagnosed with cancer is deficient in both of these.  I had myself tested recently and of course was below the average. Living on the Pacific Northwest doesn’t give a lot of chance for sunshine during the winter months so it makes the vitamin D component even more important.  Get tested and get your amounts up on a daily basis.

Friends and Community

As mammals we are herd animals, and we would not have survived had we not been in packs or groups.    It has been documented that people with chronic diseases fare better when supported by family and friends.  With the demanding lifestyle of many working women the sense of community is often lost.  It is important to reach out at a time when you may not be feeling like it to gain whatever support that you can.  Ask for it and you shall receive.  Very often people want to help, they just don’t know how.

Epsom Salt Baths

I love baths.  I rarely need an excuse to have a nice hot soak, but if I do need an excuse it might be just be get my magnesium and sulphur levels up.  Epsom salt is made from magnesium sulphite which is an essential mineral for our bodies.  Most of us are deficient in this and it affects our bodies ability to absorb calcium.  I buy mine at the horse feed store (where it’s the cheapest) and add a cup of it to a bath three times a week.  Wonderful.

Gratitude Journal

Every night before bed I  practice writing down my five wonderful things of the day that I appreciated, that I am grateful for or that brought me pleasure.  It’s an intriguing exercise that makes you reflect on your day and gives you something positive to go to sleep on. There’s days where it might feel like a stretch, but amazingly there is always something to be grateful for, even if it’s just another day.