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This is a major goal for most people entering into 2015.  Get in better shape, lose weight, fit into my old jeans, loose the spare tire, quit smoking.   We’ve all heard these lofty New Year’s goals again and again.  These goals could be the goal of anyone on any particular day but it seems that on New Years the pressure is greater than ever.

Starting it

Every single gym and recreational center will tell you that in January the attendance and registration for physical fitness programs is always at it’s highest.  Why is that?  We start the year with great goals and some of us keep them and some of them disintegrate as the year goes on.  Perhaps it’s that we make the goal to lofty too big in order to keep it in perspective. Just like making a goal of driving across the country; there is no way we can see the whole road ahead of us, just as neither can we think of doing the trip non-stop.  No matter what the motivation, life gets in the way, and we have to work with it rather than fight against it.

Swallowing it

I once heard from my naturalpath that if exercise was a pill that everyone would do it. It would be easy then wouldn’t it.  It’s what we all want in our society, ease and speed.  We’ve been sold on the idea that a cure comes in the form of a pill and if there was marketing around a product that guaranteed to get you in shape by just swallowing it I’m sure it would be a huge hit on the market.  Fact of the matter is, there never will be a pill that can activate all the systems in the body that are affected by exercise.  Our bodies are like a miniature universe that needs energy to exist.  One part works on another, it is interdependent and holistic and it needs movement and energy to be synergistic.  Swallow the pill of exercise in whatever form for whatever amount of time you can everyday and your body will love you for it.