It’s Contagious

I was feeling pretty good about not having had a cold for over 2 years.  Last year during chemo I had posted a sign at the door reminding the kids to wash their hands upon entering the house.  It worked for me it seemed; I didn’t get sick last year at all, but they did. Amazingly I somehow avoided it.

Our Body Connection

Getting that nasty flu virus set me on my butt for a couple days so far.  Yesterday it was so annoying because I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t even read since my eyes were burning.  It always amazes me that when our bodies go down, so do our minds.  When the body is fighting something it fights it with the whole body, and I think that it affects how we operate mentally.  It’s easy to understand how someone with chronic pain or chronic conditions gets depressed in life.

Getting Betterallergy-18656_1280

I guess I’ll never know if it was the bedtime kiss to my daughter (that got a cold last week) or the germs on the shopping cart that I used on Saturday.  Who knows???  I know when you walk into the grocery store there are always “antibacterial lotion or wipes” that you can use.  The problem is, are you taking more risk using them?  Most antibacterial lotions contain triclosan which is an ubiquitous ingredient that actually can cause endocrine disruption.  So you may be killing off the bacteria, but are introducing more toxic substances into your body.

Soap and Water

Everywhere you go now it seems that the antibacterial lotion is available.  I was at the cancer center this week, and of course they have a huge dispensary of it right at the front door.  I have seen mothers lovingly rinse their kids hands with it before they eat, I’ve seen nurses use it between patients, it seems to be used everywhere.  When I worked for Elections BC we had to have a bottle of it at each voting station.  Seems like it’s use is widespread and not slowing down.  But really, when you can, soap and water will do the trick.


I guess the real challenge is to keep your immune system operating at optimal levels so that no matter what you come across that you don’t get sick.  I really thought I was being very dedicated to my health regime and that I wouldn’t get this flu bug going around. Truth is you never know.  It has certainly made me aware that perhaps I could be doing more, like making sure that myself and the kids wash our hands every time we come through the door.  That’s just practical advise for anyone; but so easy to fall out of the habit when you don’t think it’s necessary.  Guess what, it’s necessary all the time.