Three words

Just Three Words

I took a mini course on self development recently and during the course one of the assignments was  to ask a few friends to describe you in just three words.  I asked five friends and amazingly didn’t get a repeat of any of the words, but am still waiting for the answer from the fifth.

Words to Live By

The list looked like this;

– determined

– fighter

– survivor

– tenacious

– unconventional

– independent

– brave

– adventurous

– disorganized

– determined

– sincere

– […]

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Comings and Goings

Coming into 2015
We’ve just entered a brand new year.  It’s always a time of optimism and hope for the upcoming year to start.  New plans, new dreams, new goals.  In with the new and out with the old and all that.  But what about what remains?  We all have carry overs from the previous year, it’s impossible not to.  Bills, situations, projects, thought processes and other things don’t just disappear because it’s a new year, […]

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Operation “Get this off my chest”


Today was a good day.  It was a day that started out with lots of anticipation and a bad case of the nerves.  A rain soaked drive down to the hospital and my 12:00 noon appointment to get my port out.

Breathing through it

It’s times like today when the practice of yoga really comes into place.  We can sit and meditate and practice stillness and calmness but it’s a whole different ballgame when you really need […]

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Getting stuff off my chest

Ports of entry

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon I am destined for a surgery to remove my port-a-cath.  It was installed last September just after I started chemo.  It has worked well and saved my veins from the damage of the toxic drugs.   I won’t miss seeing this thing sticking out of my upper chest wall.  When they installed it the operation took just over an hour and I was put out.  Tomorrow I’m awake during […]

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If Exercise was a Pill

Exercise Exercise Exercise

This is a major goal for most people entering into 2015.  Get in better shape, lose weight, fit into my old jeans, loose the spare tire, quit smoking.   We’ve all heard these lofty New Year’s goals again and again.  These goals could be the goal of anyone on any particular day but it seems that on New Years the pressure is greater than ever.

Starting it

Every single gym and recreational center will tell […]

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New Years – The Stress of it all

January 2015

Here we are in another year, with a few more days left before the frenzy all starts in. New goals, new ideas, new desires all mixed in with the old.  So how do we make this year different than the rest?  How do we arrive at the end of the year satisfied with all that has happened rather than just  making promises to ourselves to finally  start implementing our desires this year?

Keeping the Momentum 

It’s […]

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Posing Naked or Not

Posing Naked or Not

I was standing in line at the post office the other day when I ran into an artist acquaintance of mine.  I started chatting to her about yoga and stuff since I hadn’t seen her for quite a while. She admitted that she hadn’t been doing any yoga, and then quickly changed the subject to art.  I don’t know why but everyone always feels guilty when they tell the yoga teacher they […]

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Christmas Carols and Loud Whispers

Christmas Carols and Loud Whispers

I went to my daughter’s school recital tonight.  There were hardly any chairs left by the time we got there.  A woman acquaintance of mine motioned for us to take the seats beside her.   For the life of me I can’t remember her name!  Is that the chemo brain?  Or is it the age showing?  We started chatting and we got into a very interesting conversation before the lights faded […]

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