I am pleased to recommend these books to help you discover resources for anyone dealing with cancer or a chronic disease. They include discussions about alternative therapies, healing diets of anti-cancer foods including an alkaline diet, and recipes. The Pink Ribbon movement is also considered.

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A Cannabis Christmas book- anti-cancer foods

A Cannabis Christmas by Ellie McVie

This is an inexpensive resource from Amazon (Kindle). Although this book has recipes suited for Christmas, they are easily adapted for any time of year. There are a number of easy to follow recipes that use the bud or the leaf of cannabis. Since there is a tremendous amount of science on the healing aspects of cannabis for breast cancer this book provides an interesting way to make edible treats. Adding cannabis to recipes make some of them into super anti-cancer foods. I had bought cannabis suckers at the dispensary, but discovered a wonderful recipe for them in this ebook. There’s great variety of recipes in this ebook, ways that I had never thought of using cannabis. I would exchange the sugar in the recipes for honey or agave syrup. This book is featured at just 99 cents as well, and shouldn’t be reserved just for Christmas.


Get Alkaline Get Healthy book- alkaline diet

Get Alkaline Get Healthy by Terri Adams

This is a wonderful inexpensive resource from Amazon (Kindle) that describes how to eat an alkaline diet. The diet is suggested for anyone dealing with cancer or a chronic disease. The book lists foods that are alkaline and acid and provides easy to follow charts. The whole idea of being alkaline is extremely important when dealing with any type of cancer. The anti-cancer foods are within the list of alkaline foods featured in the charts. There are a number of easy to follow recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. The ingredients were readily available which makes a difference. I found it was really easy to have this ebook on my phone. At just 99 cents I believe this alkaline diet book is worth the purchase.

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Some Chics Don’t Wear Pink

While this website is being build I am in the process of completing the book on my journey through breast cancer entitled “Some Chics Don’t Wear Pink”. The book follows my journey of healing and expansion of knowledge that I learned since being diagnosed and being flung head on into this world on cancer.

As the title suggests this book addresses the problems that I see within our medical system today and the whole misconstrued basis of the Pink Ribbon campaign. Some of the information that I discovered is not enlightening, but needs to be heard, as knowledge is power. Understanding some of the nuances of our medical model today allows us to understand why we haven’t heard of many of the alternative therapies and natural cures that are available. When we have the knowledge we can apply it and thereby take the responsibility of self healing on. I discovered the whole connection between the body and the mind and how to use the new science of epigenetics and neuroplasticity to overcome the emotional challenges of the disease. My goal in writing the book is to share what I have learned and to help empower other women to heal their bodies and minds.