Just Three Words

Just Three Words

I took a mini course on self development recently and during the course one of the assignments was to ask a few friends to describe you in just three words. I asked five friends and amazingly didn’t get a repeat of any of the words, but am still waiting for the answer from the fifth.

Words to Live By

The list looked like this;

– determined

– fighter

– survivor

– tenacious

– unconventional

– independent

– brave

– adventurous

– disorganized

– determined

– sincere

– […]

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Spring Break Cleaning

Clutter free living

I recently returned from a trip down south where I fortunately got a whole two days to spend walking on a gorgeous uncluttered beach.  The sound of the water and the feel of the air on my skin touched me in a way that goes beyond words.  I thought while I was walking, “What really is necessary to live”.  “Why is my life filled with clutter”.


I have two kids.  That was a choice. […]

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Sweet Valentine

It’s the 13th and a Friday!

Here we are in February the month of love.  Seems that January screamed by and with it went so many resolutions and plans for the year.  Not that they are gone, they just aren’t forefront in one’s mind.  Instead the Visa bills have arrived, winter seems to be long and we are relieved that the nights are longer and that we get to see the sunrise shortly after we get […]

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Medical Cannabis for breast cancer too!

Very interesting article here – since breast cancer has been successfully beaten with medical cannabis it is something that must be taken seriously.
Medical Cannabis Conference Successfully Explores the Science Behind the Hype

By: Justin Kander

United Patients Group, a leading organization helping patients find medicinal cannabis resources, recently concluded their first conference. Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype was held in an elegant academic hall at Dominican University in San Rafael, California. Almost 200 individuals attended […]

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Being Your Own Advocate

Visiting the Hospital
Today, I am on my way down to see a show in town with a friend.  On my way I am going to visit a friend’s old boyfriend that is in the hospital with kidney failure.  I have some words of advice for him.

General Advice

I really don’t know the man that well but I do believe that I can offer some sort of comfort and advice to him about being thrown down this […]

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We are living in a sleep deprived world.  When I was growing up the TV would go to the strips of color by 2 am or shortly thereafter, a sign it was time to go to bed.  Nowadays with 470 channels and wifi and internet connections we are turned “on” all the time. When we sleep our bodies metabolize stress hormones and allow our immune systems to do their job. It’s our first defense in […]

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Flu Bugged

It’s Contagious

I was feeling pretty good about not having had a cold for over 2 years.  Last year during chemo I had posted a sign at the door reminding the kids to wash their hands upon entering the house.  It worked for me it seemed; I didn’t get sick last year at all, but they did. Amazingly I somehow avoided it.

Our Body Connection

Getting that nasty flu virus set me on my butt for a couple […]

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Hospital PTSD


Today I have an appointment to have an EKG.  Rather happy to have my heart checked out since I know that the chemo does damage, just having to deal with getting there and getting it done without turning into a nervous wreck.

Company or not

I have a friend that offered to come yesterday and I haven’t heard from her today, so perhaps she has something else to do.  I shouldn’t feel like I need company to […]

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We Are What We Eat

What Are You?
We’ve all heard that expression, “You are what you eat”.  It’s something that I have heard my whole life, but I never really thought about it that much, until I was forced to. I am one of these people that have never really had to go on a diet, I haven’t ever been vigilant about checking my weight daily; I would measure how I felt by how I fit in my jeans.

Calories and […]

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Wig Burning Party!

This video shows the delight of burning the wig that was well worn for a year and a half.  I never remembered to take it off before opening the oven or putting wood on the fire so it was pretty cinched anyway.  Sure felt great burning the sucker!!!!!


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