About me – a breast cancer survivor

I am a mother, teacher, sister, grandmother, yoga teacher and lover of life.  I would be labelled as a middle-aged mama with two daughters aged 13 and 8 and a 31 year old son, with two grandchildren.  I lived as an expatriate in Costa Rica and Central America for over fifteen years running a restaurant, bed and breakfast, and golf course office. I intensely studied Bikram yoga for two years before deciding to get my teaching certificate in 2003 from the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica. We moved to the Pacific Northwest of Canada just over ten years ago.

I have always been physically active and felt younger than my years. Life seemed Karen -Holistic Healing Journeysto have its ups and downs but then came menopause. I had barely finished breast feeding before menopause hit with a vengeance. I was busy trying to deal with that when I got diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a shock to say the least.

I felt trapped in the medical system and in a body that had turned on me so started furiously looking for solutions and answers to all the issues I was facing following my bilateral mastectomy. Through the journey I have discovered buried parts of myself and strengths that I didn’t know that I possessed. I’ve learned so much about the disease and health that I want to share with others.

The writing of this website traces the path of my journey and to share the information and encouragements I have gathered in these past 18 months. It serves to connect, educate and communicate with other women who are interested in healing naturally in all ways. I believe that no woman should face this alone or without the right knowledge.

In my quest for knowledge I have studied mind/body/spirit medicine with Dr. Divi from Vancouver and have taken Level I and II in EFT. I’ve completely changed my diet and how I eat. My meditation practice has become a profound part of my schedule. I have discovered incredible information about how changed I feel going forward which I wish to share. To be a breast cancer survivor requires all this.

My cancer journey has been a quest, a quest for answers that I didn’t even know existed; a journey to myself.