Holistic health

Welcome to Holistic Healing Journeys – a website to bring holistic health, hope and knowledge to other women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer or are living with its journey.

Breast cancer awareness

The object of this website is to serve and communicate and inform but never to tell a woman Holistic healing - breast cancer awarenesswhat she should and shouldn’t do; each woman must make her own health decisions. The conventional system does not provide all the information women need not only to survive but to thrive with this disease. There are many more options available than just the standard three: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. My goal is to bring some of these to the forefront – so at least women are aware of them.

The objective is to educate and connect and support other women going through a similar journey, one that none of us chose. By sharing knowledge we can increase breast cancer awareness and offer support to each other so that we can forge ahead fearless and strong. I am against the pink parade and having corporations take over the cause and hope to bring some light to what is happening. Let’s connect with others on the same road to wellness and wholeness.

My story – your story

I received my breast cancer diagnosis back in July 2013 and since have been on a mission to find out why it happened. I researched and tried many alternative therapies, uncovering some facts of which I was unaware. I believe that we should all have the information; from there it is what we chose to do with it. Personally I’d rather be informed than ignorant, even if it’s difficult to swallow sometimes.

I avoided support groups at the beginning of my journey; my emotions were too heavy. In the last year and a half I have done much soul searching and inner work, concluding that cancer is definitely an inner fight first; a battle of the mind. My goal is to share some of these insights and methods with you for alleviating stress, fear and anxiety.

We’ll explore aspects of holistic health with resources for further help including books and videos. I changed my diet to a mostly plant-based diet and have discovered some great recipes and resources for creating healthy tasty meals that are easy to make. We should expose the foods that harm, and present the foods that heal and are beneficial for women with breast cancer. My yoga background has definitely been an asset going through this difficult time. The yoga asanas specific to women with breast cancer are featured here. Holistic healing of mind and body includes meditation, an essential part of being able to fight the monkey mind of negativity that arises.